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Meta Comment — Callum @ 12:00 pm

Good news: the new website is up. Thank you for your collective criticism, ideas and beta-clicks. I’m happy with the new site but by no means is the format set-in-stone… can’t wait to hear your feedback.

As it stands here are the three main features of

1. From now on we’re adding every article to the site as each Leither is published- those articles are now archived. Every article has it’s own page and, most importantly, a comments box where visitors (or even authors) can leave their thoughts or anything else you’d care to air.
Where you can help: get on there and hammer those comments, add ’em left-right-centre!

2. The Archives: this page will help visitors browse our articles by date, category or author. There’s also a swishy selection of Covers from which you can click to load up an old issue of the magazine, just as it was in print. This will soon stretch back as a complete back-catalog- it’s a bit of a work in progress. If you’re looking for a particular Author’s work on the site, there’s an ‘Authors’ index. There’s also a search box at the top of every page.
Your Ideas: I’m thinking of using Categories as a better way of dividing articles- what best suits your work?

3. Beyond the magazine: From the all-new ‘Blog’ to our pages on a number of social networks we’re starting to spread the good word. The idea is that by adding unpublished news and articles to our website, throughout the month, we draw in an audience (via links to these articles on Facebook / Twitter etc.) that initially visit because they’re interested in that particular headline, who are then (hopefully) intrigued by the ‘related articles’ etc. and delve deeper into the site and into your work.
We need you: are you on facebook? Link your articles to your profile… just click the Facebook icon on any article page and *boom*.

We’re going to add a new feature every month and one big idea (which needs some work) is based on you folks having a lot to say… you do have a lot to say, right? Far more than Billy can fit in the magazine even more than we could ever post on the Blog, I hope.

What you get: I would love to give you all a more personalised home-page for your work. It’ll be similar to the profile pages of Facebook etc.: fill it with stories, articles, links, photos… it’ll be up to you. I’ll show you how. Let me know if this sounds interesting I can set you up with everything you’ll need to get started. It’s very straightforward. The CAPS-LOCK-EDITOR can even get his head round this one!

Thank again,

– Callum.


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