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Quick update: website is up-and-running. More than 10,000 Page Views. About 100 articles read every day on average. If you haven’t checked it out already please do so and why not leave a comment on one of the fantastic articles you’ll find there!

The site is slowly evolving – remember the layout is by no means set-in-stone – over the last three months we’ve added the What’s On page and now we have a Blog Homepage there’s going to be a new addition to the site pretty much every month…. based on the statistics and (most importantly) your feedback I’ve made some alterations to the Homepage (in particular: the navigation for the latest issue of the magazine). Take a look- your thoughts / ideas are welcome. Thanks for your support so far.

NEW: Leither Blogs

Now, most of you are actually blogging already- if you’ve got something to say you’re posting it on facebook or twitter, some of you have your very own website –which is fantastic!

We can now offer you your own space on the site- something bigger, more expansive and altogether more personal than that little Author’s Page. We’ll call them Leither Blogs (ooh, original!) but don’t let that frighten (or bore you). You can use this space as a continuation of your work– post unedited articles, news, other stuff that doesn’t make it into the magazine, perhaps articles that aren’t about The Leither at all… whatever you want really. You can Post these articles (easy stuff) to your own Leither Blog instantly- I’ll show you the ropes and provide all the support you’ll ever need.

Your Blog will tie in with the main Blog Homepage when we cherry-pick / promote your most interesting articles (in-so-doing we promote your personal blog / space / work etc.). We’re then going to do a ‘Best of The Leither Blogs’, starting online but hopefully they’ll be a space in the published magazine for it someday soon.

We don’t mind if you’ve posted this stuff on your own site already- just get up and use it. Bit of fun for now…

Examples of Leither Blogs:

This is live. Now. Every contributor can have a Leither Blog as of today all you need to do is email me the title / address you’d like your blog to be found at: and i’ll do the magic. Be as creative as you want- by all means you can post anonymously, incognito. If you’d prefer not to be part of the published ‘Best of The Leither Blogs’, well that’s cool too!

So, enjoy that. If you need any further details- you know where to find me.

– Callum


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