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Meta Comment — Callum @ 6:01 pm

Howdy, well I’m pretty excited at the pace our first batch of Leither Bloggers have set down, they’re all doing a fantastic job. Keep it up. Questions, Ideas and most importantly Criticisms are all welcome- do send me a quick email if you get lost. If you’re a contributor to The Leither and haven’t yet started blogging– I’d love to hear from you!!

How What Why
We’re setting up a little homepage / starting point for future bloggers (more on that in a tick) it can be found at: and will contain tutorial videos, some documentation along with the latest from each and every blog that we currently host. Take a look at the initial idea, let me know what you think.

Where’s It Going?
In next month’s printed magazine I’m hoping to do an introduction to the Leither Blogs (which i’m thinking about re-naming ‘The Leither Links’) for anyone and everyone out there, we want people to get up and use it– to setup their own Leither Blogs and join in the fun. It’ll be a accompanied by a few choice morsels from our favourite authors THAT MEANS YOU. Maybe some photography– if you fancy putting a face to a blog then give me a shout. The more the merrier!

I’m going to add a small navigation bar to the top of your blog, it will allow visitors to connect with similar authors / blogs on and will also have a search function (so  you can search for all the blogs at once). Another idea: a ‘PROMOTE’ button which will allow your visitors to vote on your posts and, depending on ranking, we’ll include them in a weekly showcase on the main website. Sound good?

So- next month we’re launching this. Would be nice to hear your comments before we take this to the next level. Thanks!


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